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About Sunset Safaris

Australian Sunset Safaris is a Tour Operator in South East Queensland visiting spectacular pristine Islands such as Moreton Island, Fraser Island and Southern Great Barrier Reef. Our Eco Tours range from 1 Day tours to 6 Day Package Tours. Our passion is for you to experience our snow white long dreamy Island Beaches, Clear blue emerald beaches and lakes that will take your breath away. Walk through ancient Jurassic Rainforest that echoes nature at its finest. Participate in a once in a lifetime activity such as snorkelling with hundreds to coral fish, turtles and viewing incredible corals and do our famous spectacular transparent day or night kayaking, sandboarding down Sahara like Sand Dunes, experience adventurous 4WD with your very experienced and friendly Driver Guide.

Why Us?

For over 20 years now we are renown as a quality ECO Adventure Tour Operator (See our sustainable practise here). Our guides are trained to be the finest in their field whilst showing you our Islands an d our very much-loved Australia here in Queensland. Our range of roomy comfortable forward-facing buses with big windows so that you will not miss a thing whilst viewing our landscapes, these also provide excellent connection for pick-up points and transitions of Destinations from Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast. Australian Sunset Safaris is experienced in giving flowing itineraries that are finely tuned to give you the best tour experience possible along with doing and seeing the most whilst travelling to your chosen Island experience. Over the years many of friendships have been established on our tours and tourists love visiting us more than just once. So what are you waiting for, come out and join us for an adventure?

How it all started

In 2001 Greg and Nicole Alder had worked within the Tourism Industry for some time, with the love and passion of our Islands as a married couple and the Alder family having deep knowledge and roots of camping months on end it all only made sense to start an adventure with the 3 Alder Brothers. For generations the boys had 4WD skills, camping skills, fishing skills and etc. that were passed down from their father Barry Alder and Grandfather George Alder from the 1970-80s. At every opportunity the 3 Alder boys' School holidays consisted of finding them on Fraser Island, Moreton Island, or fishing on the Reef. As teenagers the explorations of Driving our VW on the Beach and Camping always involved more invitations of friends and extended family. So most long weekends and holidays were on Fraser or Moreton Island. Even our logo speaks for itself! We love Sunsets and the Islands! (here in South East Queensland they are truly special).

So with the 3 brothers uniting in strength we launched Australian Sunset Safaris. Our first tours were actually day tours on North Stradbroke Island, and subcontracting our bus and Unique Alder Tour-Guide style on Fraser Island. It wasn’t long and we started our Tour Operation on Fraser Island as well. When we launched the Southern Great Barrier Reef we had already established a reputable and experienced Tour Operator operation.

Growing through the Years

Around 2008 Australian Sunset Safaris had momentum, not only were all the brothers tour-guiding but there was a need to employ more especially when the Youth and Backpacker market increased. We are never sure how to call this momentum in our business whether it was the honeymoon period or whether we should have changed our company name to the ‘Love Boat’ see link here. Three of the Alder boys ended up falling in love with their international love of their lives on our Sunset Safaris tours, and not just the brothers but many other guides around that time also met their only true love. All of a sudden our business had extended international multicultural families: German, Japanese, Columbian and Korean. We used our multi-cultural stance and applied the culture to the business with marketing, translations and other different platforms.

One thing was clear our business core values have always stayed the same. To show people our breathtaking Sand Islands Fraser Island, Moreton Island and the Reef that is World Heritage Listed. Seeing the facial expressions of wonderous excitement and smiles, bringing pure joy to people, families and friends has always been the main key and passion in everything we do. We love helping people create memories during their time with us!