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World Heritage 4WD Bus Climbing Mountain
O'Reilly's Treetop Boardwalk World HeritageThe Sunset Safaris WORLD HERITAGE LISTED 4WD Tour takes an amazing look into the ancient, and very special “Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area.” This truly spectacular tour takes you to what many regard as the two most beautiful rainforest areas in Australia. Specialising in Group Tours for International groups, community groups, Inbound Tour Groups and School Groups. We can cater for your group with a large capacity of 4WD buses from 10  to 160 people.

Experience the awesome Rainforest Treetop Boardwalk and amazing Wildlife of Lamington National Park. See the majestic Natural Arch of Springbrook National Park, with its ancient boulder strewn stream and Glow Worm Cave. Wildlife abounds in the mountains and along the plains, as the Sunset Safaris 4WD buses take you to see the REAL AUSTRALIA, spotting Wild Kangaroos, Wallabies, Platypus and Koalas.

This tour has been carefully designed without compromise, to showcase the very best of the Gondwana Rainforest and the REAL AUSTRALIA.

All tours into the Gondwana Rainforest Area spend some time in transit, so it is important to be able to enjoy all the wonderful scenery on offer in comfort.
Our 4WD Coaches give you the very best in coach comfort, with large scenic windows for your ultimate viewing pleasure, while our 4WD Landcruisers (for small groups) are renowned for theirlegendary comfort with all forward facing seats. With Sunset Safaris, you will experience REAL 4WD ACTION, and see the REAL AUSTRALIA, as we take you to places “off the map” to see wildlife, magnificent Rainforests and wilderness areas other coach companies cannot. We are the Pioneers of affordable High Quality 4WD Tourism in the Gondwana Rainforest Area. 
OReillys Boardwalk

Situated 3000 feet above sea level, Lamington National Park is saturated in beautiful sub-tropical rainforest, providing food and shelter for a huge array animals. The magnificent Giant Fig trees and twisting rainforest vines are complimented by the moss and rainforest fungus clinging to the trees and forest floor.

Here you will experience the breath taking 180 meter long “tree top boardwalk,” situated high in the Rainforest canopy amongst the birds and flowering trees, with an observation deck 110 feet above the ground. This very stable boardwalk is suitable for all ages, even those who are afraid of heights.

You will also experience the majestic Wild Rainbow Lorikeets and King Parrots, who come flooding out of the Rainforest wanting to feed right out of your hand.

At O'Reilly's, you will also have the opportunity to see the rare and very beautiful Paddymelon, a minature Rainforest Kangaroo found right throughout this rainforest.

The Natural Arch, also known as the Natural Bridge, is a true miracle of Nature. This splendid moss and fern covered archway hides a magnificent waterfall, plunging down from the rocks above into a dark glowworm cave below. Nestled in pristine Sub-Tropical Rainforest, the Natural Arch is home to many rare and threatened plants and animals. It is also home of the very rare Marsupial Frog, who carries it’s young in a pouch just like a Kangaroo.
The Natural Arch is a place forgotten by time, with giant Rainforest trees towering out of cave creek, and twisted vines, moss and ferns dangling from the canopy above. The Natural Arch has attracted film crews from all over the world to film this spectacular scenery, including the Steven Spielberg Dinosaur Epic, TERRA NOVA released in 2012.
See the Terra Nova trailer on this link 
The 4WD World Heritage tour is ALIVE with WILDLIFE like no other tour. Get up close and personal with Rainbow Lorikeets, King Parrots, Regent Bower Birds, Bush Turkeys, and a myriad of other beautiful birds at O’Reilly’s. Observe the cutest Kangaroo in the world, the tiny Paddymellon. See Koalas Wallabies and Kangaroos in their natural setting, as we 4WD cross-country. You will also have the chance to see the very rare Platypus in the wild as we picnic at a beautiful mountain stream.
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Sunset Safaris offers you the choice of  picnic lunch, restaurant lunch, or "bring your own" picnic lunch in a tightly sealed container or plastic bag. We provide coolers to keep your food fresh, however we do emphasise that spillables (eg: soups, broth, stews) are not permitted on tour unless they are kept in a special thermos container. Sunset Safaris provides drinking water for all on board.

*Please note that there are NO shops available to purchase food while on tour.