UPDATE - Important Information Coronavirus Travel Update.

Currently We are only running the Moreton Island Get Wrecked 1 Day Tour

The Cape Moreton Scenic Day Tour and Moreton Island 2 Day Get Wrecked Explorer Tour are temporarily suspended until further updates. We are currently working on new exciting products and will keep you updated on the progress of this new project!

Einsny P
I have worked in a privilege banking service industry for almost 2 years and I have a very high standard towards service. Initially, I was skeptical about Harry's service and thought he would be the 'same' as everyone else. Soon, I was guilty by such thoughts as Harry's passion overwhelmed me and my friends. We have such a great time holidaying, laughing, joking while enjoying beautiful scenery...
Jerry Gong
Micheal Daddow
Just got back from the 2 day tour and had the time of my life! Weather was awesome and the guide was extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend this trip to anyone looking to have a great time and learn some amazing stuff! 10/10 Michael Daddow- NDSHS...
Karen and Michael
Hi Greg, Both you and Scott should be very proud of the type of business owners that you are! It was a pleasure to meet Scott in person when he brought the new bus to us. You go above and beyond when it comes to providing the best tours for travelers!! You definitely make sure we are taken care of, and put safety first.This was our first trip to Australia for Michael to look at Griffith university and study law there. As a single mother of two sons I can definitely tell you be proud of how warm and friendly the people are in your country, it put me at ease to know Michael would be taken care when he goes to college there in Feb 2012... and if things go well I may put in for a job at the gold coast hospital that will be opening in December 2012... I can tell you we would have lots of visitors and they would all be going on tours from sunset safari's..You have my permission to post our comments in your fans section...My very best to you from your two newest fans,Karen and Michael

Hi Harry, Here are the photos for the tour. It was a wonderful trip. Thank you for bringing this amazing experience to us. We totally enjoyed the trip and really hope that you could be our guide for our trip up to Fraser Island. Once again, thank you so much. You might find another bigger eater than me in the future tours.Cheers,Vincent

Dear Harry, Hello! I'm Chiharu. I'm Japanese. We went to Great Barrier Reef with your drive in September. I really appreciate because i had a good time and you are very funny man :D Now, I'm in Japan. I miss going to Australia. Aus is my love places. I want to go to Australia again.Thank you Harry! Nice to meet you!!! Sincerely,Chiharu
Hi Harry! How you going mate? I hope the tours are keeping you busy and you're keeping everyone entertained as usual! Sirisha and I are back in Toronto, we got back about a week ago. We're both still extremely jet lagged! We both just wanted to say that we had an amazing time on your tour. You're THE tour guide of all tour guides! I wanted to get two things from you if that's okay... Could you email me the under water pictures you took of Sirisha and I? Also, could I get your boss's email address? I want to let him know what a great time we had with you! Cheers,Amol
Lee J S
it was a really great tour, I know nothing about Australia but by this tour, I got to see the major great nature in Gold Coast. it was really great and I will never forget. Lee J S